Code named DusuF1, the conference is set for June 11th for the first time in Africa, held in Uganda at Hive colabs on kanjokya street. Theme: Its Africa’s Turn. HashTags: #DusuF1 #DusuDev DusuPay Conference on Unlocking online Payments for Africa. Meet and interact with Developers Technology Gurus, Technology Media Gurus, Bloggers and Start Ups from […]

Africa’s FinTech story is quite different from what the rest of the world is accustomed to. Unlike the west, Banking will not be the pacesetter for financial inclusion on the continent. It is quite clear Mobile money will. In just 5-7 years depending on the country Mobile money has predominantly outdone the banks at what they […]

We provide an API that can be used to accept mobile money payments online in Uganda. We understand that mobile money has become such a powerful tool in the payments space. It is used by more than 83.7% of the adult population. We understand that as an internet business you need to tap into the payment […]

At the start of our journey, Our core mission was to help start ups, software developers and online businesses on the continent thrive. Considering most  of the other infrastructure is already greatly built This being social, Search and other modes of marketing, we decided to opt for 1 of the only 2 Internet infrastructural elements […]