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Accepting online Payments in Nigeria

Nigeria has fast adopted online payments. More businesses are fully adopting online payments in Nigeria. When businesses in Nigeria seek reliable payment service providers they turn to DusuPay. DusuPay Integrates a wide set of...

Where can I find the Dusupay  Merchant API

Where can I find the Dusupay Merchant API

The developer API for merchants that need to accept Online payments powered by Dusupay You find the API explanations right here: https://dusupay.com/pages/dusupay_developer Procedure for integration: Create Dusupay account Click become merchant Fill in the merchant account...

DusuPay Merchant charges/fees

DusuPay Merchant charges/fees

Charges for merchants processing payments using the dusupay button on their website. Note that this charge is paid by the merchant with a dusupay account Processing fees a) Credit/Debit card processing DusuPay charges 3.5%+...