1xbet is by far one of the worlds largest betting companies based out of the EU and Russia. The company decided to extend to Africa in 2017.

Africa is the next betting goldmine. We are seeing more and more betting/gaming companies rush to dominate the continent as the continent is quickly becoming the largest market for betting globally.

Considering The industry is set to become worth over $500m by 2020, it is quite crucial that every company in Africa extends to Africa.

1xbet foresaw this early enough and quickly expanded to Africa.

Problem they experienced in Africa:

Africa’s payment story is different. Unlike the rest of the world where everyone can pay by visa and mastercard, most of Africa is unbanked so visa and mastercard are not an option. Africa has 54 different countries each of these with a different locally preferred mode of payment.

In many of these countries mobile money is the locally preferred mode of payment. This is unfamiliar for most people in the west, Asia and China but works best for people in Africa.

Question: How Do you tap  into these different modes of payment across the continent.

Solution: DusuPay

DusuPay Provided the ideal solution for 1xBet. The platform integrated multiple local modes of payments from different countries making it possible for 1xbet to seamlessly collect and pay out to the people on the continent instantly