How DusuPay is changing the money remittance industry for good

By January 29, 2018Blog Posts

Before money remittance companies became the necessity they are today,  Money transfer from abroad was lengthy, costly and tricky to say the least. The system had so many flaws including a lot of time spent for money to move to its point of receipt, risk of theft was high and the costs included were through the roof – money sent was at a low 40% chance of reaching its intended destination as it was more likely to disappear along the way.

Over the years, things have taken a turn for the better – the increased number of secure remittance businesses dealing with Africa along with more avenues for money movement across long distances that have money delivered instantly.

DUSUPAY has been very instrumental in the change of remittance for businesses – with Dusupay, remittance companies can enable receivers to access their money using mobile wallets. Through integrating their systems with Dusupay, remittance businesses can now provide an option for one to pay out using the required mobile money wallets convenient for the receiver.

This has broken the barrier of Africa’s remittance and mobile money wall allowing the two powerhouse systems in Africa to work in tandem. (AFRICAN REMITTANCE IN NUMBERS)