How best can Forex trading companies accept payments in Kenya

By February 22, 2018Blog Posts

Forex Trading is one of the new ways that many people are using to earn an extra penny, some have even taken it up as a source of daily survival. When the stakes are in one’s favour, the reward is worth the risk.

This has drawn a lot of people across Africa into the Forex trading craze – Kenya has chosen not to be left behind as well in this phenomenon. The demand led interested Kenyan citizens to seek forex brokers to help with the cause, unfortunately though, Kenya doesn’t have reliable locally situated forex brokers.

In this business, it is key to know who the authentic brokers are to avoid situations of money theft due to fraud. Kenya has no locally situated forex trading companies therefore the Kenyan forex market has resorted to using offshore forex trading companies.

Because these trading companies are foreign, transactions have to be done online. The challenge was that most of these foreign forex trading companies accept payments using visa and Mastercard which isn’t the way Kenya moves money in its economy.

For sometime, this was an eyesore for both parties in the forex trading cycle – trading companies couldn’t use Mpesa and majority of the clients couldn’t use the cards that these companies were dictating upon them thus birthing a transaction dilemma.

Kenya’s resolution for Forex trading payments

DusuPay provides a new age for forex trading companies working in Kenya. Online transactions between clients in Kenya and their preferred forex trading companies have been linked despite the difference in payment habit.

DusuPay provides the forex trading company with a provision to pay through mobile money which is Mpesa in the case of Kenya. Therefore Kenyans can easily pay companies conveniently using their Mpesa and hope to receive profits as well through their mobile wallets with ease.

In addition, the people in Kenya are guaranteed that they are dealing with legitimate forex trading companies because DusuPay aims to promote legitimate business transactions and ensure fraudulent acts are cleared to extinction.