How remittance companies are making the best of money transfer operations in Nigeria

By March 13, 2018Blog Posts

Nigeria has one of Africa’s largest populations with an approximate of 186 million people as of 2016. As the capacity increases at home, so does the number of Nigerians living across the diaspora – many in search of better employment opportunities to ensure that their loved ones back home have a comfortable life.

Nigeria is one of Africa’s countries with a high volume remittance receipt contributing a lot to the country’s GNP and income per capita as the people receiving this money have more income on them, something that boosts the growth of the nation’s economy.

Money Transfer in Nigeria

Nigeria has established a very effective banking system that has handled the country’s finances, coupled by the fact that the authorities are tight on mobile wallets which has rendered the use of online banking and card systems as the core form of money transfer in the nation.

Remittance companies in Nigeria have to adjust to using what the country wants in order to capture a larger demand share. This has been done with ease due to the partnership with DusuPay to ensure that Nigeria’s payouts to the locals is smooth sailing.

DusuPay provides products such as Dusupay Octopus that were made to simplify money movement between remittance companies operating in nations such as Nigeria and their clients by speeding up the money movement process while making it less costly as well.