How best can global businesses pay out to Africa

By March 26, 2018Blog Posts

When coming to Africa, many business owners and representatives will testify to how many payment alternatives the continent has in store, all these payment modes have a certain portion of the market that they control which makes it hard for global businesses to have a go at capturing the entire population of Africa.

Despite the large number of modes of pay that Africa has, mobile wallets and banks still rule supreme across the continent. Of the two, mobile wallets are the dominant force by far but even with the mobile wallets, Africa has a plethora of mobile money platforms for almost every country which adds to Africa’s payment dilemma for venturing global brands.

One thing is for sure though, mobile payment systems are what goes in African economies – used by 70% of the populace on average across Africa therefore global businesses are advised to narrow their focus down to mobile money when targeting Africa’s majority.

With the large number of mobile payment platforms however, the process of transacting through all these platforms can turn out to be overwhelming and complex to manage.

Africa’s pathway to handling all payments

DusuPay has a goal to streamline all payment systems under one platform for businesses dealing with Africa. Payments made to whatever payment platform regardless of whether it is mobile wallets or bank systems, everything can be paid all at once through one avenue courtesy of Dusupay.

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