Business in Kenya is now faster and more secure with continued emphasis on online payments that have simplified transactions in Africa, ensuring that businesses accept payments from clients all over Kenya anywhere and at anytime.

Kenya’s originally cash rigid population has finally understood that it is safer and more convenient to use mobile payment systems particularly Mpesa as the most reliable form of sending and receiving money because more than 95% of the population owns mobile phones which is what is needed to transact through Mpesa as compared to banks that need various paperwork that many Kenyans aren’t comfortable with.

Mpesa handles more than half of Kenya’s GDP of 63.4 billion US dollars showing that if a business was to choose a payment option to trust in the East African nation then Mpesa would undoubtedly be the go to choice.

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International companies with intent of working in Kenya are normally advised not to force the issue of card payments if they want to deal with a big portion of the people but rather entice the market by allowing them to use their own payment system which is Mpesa.

Dusupay understands that businesses venturing into Kenya may not be as familiar with Mpesa but still in need of doing business transactions in Kenya. Dusupay gives companies the opportunity to link with the Kenyan population that uses Mpesa and here is how :-

  1. Dusupay brings together businesses dealing with the Kenyan market connecting companies with different pay modes to the Kenyan clientele that is controlled by Mpesa.
  2. Linking payment modes of the different parties – businesses have the power to work with customers without having to switch payment types but still getting their services across and accepting payments comfortably courtesy of Dusupay.