Accepting payments online has gripped businesses in Nigeria firmly due to the various benefits it puts into play. Businesses in Nigeria have resorted to using online payments because many among the locals have turned to making payments this way rather than the traditional “cash in bag” way which was quite risky and time consuming.

Payments are now made through bank cards nowadays to businesses serving the Nigerian market and companies that still remain rigid to this change are slowly being choked out of the country’s economy.

More on Nigeria –  how to receive payments online in Nigeria is something to tackle with utmost care.

Nigeria’s online payment is majorly done through banking avenues with the likes of Zenith bank, GT bank, CitiBank playing a pivotal role in seeing that money movement is efficiently done in the West African nation.

The card systems being predominantly used are MasterCard, Visa and Verve that ensure people make payments to various businesses that they carry out transactions with. With all the above said and done, a business hoping to accept online payments from the Nigerian market has no choice but to use the local banking systems to liaise effectively with the people.

Most global businesses might not be in direct position to use these banks that Nigeria has especially if they aren’t as globally spread required.

Luckily, Nigeria has a viable solution to this conundrum for businesses – with Dusupay, businesses can access all payment options in Nigeria under one platform, enabling them to :

  1. Receive payments from clients all over Nigeria in one organised pathway irrespective of bank or card payment used.
  2. Businesses save time and money on having to incorporate directly with all the local banks and cards.
  3. Swift and secure movement of funds ensuring that all businesses’ finances are free from fraud and delivered as quick as possible to the intended destination.

Dusupay – Africa’s go to payment gateway