People in Africa have one thing on their minds these days – income generation. Cameroon is no exception to this trend. Once the people of Cameroon and Africans in general learnt the possibility of making money while trading currencies and stocks, the habit grew onto the population like a wildfire.

Often enticed by projected profits month after month to the tune of 10% and 20% on returns, this proved to be one of the factors that attracted many people into the Forex cycle. Obviously, the growth of this phenomenon attracted more Forex trading companies to the continent and continue to do so everyday.

These companies are drawn to the fact that there is a large demand base which translates to business opportunities for the various brokers or companies involved.

Payments – The mode of moving money between the forex trading companies and their clients has always been the sensitive part. The Online Forex trading companies at first wanted to force people to pay through card systems such as Visa Card and Mastercard. Much as these are viable options, the number of people in Cameroon that subscribe to such pay modes is very minimal and would not guarantee the trading companies a large enough source required to ensure a thriving business operation.

Cameroon’s way

Cameroon is a mobile money dominated country with MTN as the largest influencer when it comes to use of the mobile wallets. The convenience it provides for more than 60% of the population to have the power to instantly send and receive money anywhere and at anytime is unmatched by no other.

When it comes to Forex trading and the related companies involved, DusuPay has proven to be the trusted link between Forex trading companies and their clients in Cameroon that use mobile wallets particularly MTN to send money.

Once a business creates an account with DusuPay, all they have to do is sit and wait to accept payments as clients flock in to transact using their mobile wallets and the companies accept and pay out using payment modes they feel familiar with.