Ghana is steadily becoming one of Africa’s prime business destinations. With a GDP of 45 billion dollars as of 2016 at a growth rate of 8.0%, Ghana’s economy is one of the most sought after business markets in Africa.

The country has a various number of economic activities that people indulge in ranging from agriculture, mining, industry works and others, just to mention but a few ; nonetheless it is important to take note of how money moves among people in the economy.

Mobile money still stands as the major form of moving money and how most businesses accept payments from the bulk of Ghana’s people. The slightly improved banking systems offer an alternative however due to the procedures and requirements, most people are rather hesitant on its use and choose to lean towards the simpler mobile money.

MTN, Tigo and Airtel are the major telecom companies in the country and through them over 90% of the people’s mobile money is handled. Businesses have resorted to this alternative because :

  • Everyone above the age of 15 owns at least one phone.
  • Mobile money has less paper work and procedures than banks that many people find strenuous and are sceptical about.
  • The number of stalls and kiosks available for mobile money is rampant and easily accessible as compared to bank branches.
  • Phones are individually owned meaning transactions occur when and wherever the person is hence the emphasis convenience.

For those businesses that are venturing into this market and are wondering how best they can incorporate their brands and get to accept money from mobile money that they are unfamiliar with – HERE IS HOW :-

Dusupay enables businesses to effectively accept payments across a host of mobile money options in Ghana meaning – courtesy of Dusupay, a business not connected on mobile money can still accept payments from Ghana’s mobile payment services and receive their money on whatever payment mode they choose to use.

All parties involved get to win –

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