Kenya is part of the region of East Africa that is positioned well for online payments in that its governments have not imposed regulations limiting online payments but rather supported the cause just like in the region.

Currently, Kenyan businesses that accept online payments must comply only with the regulations set forth by their monopoly mobile money service provider – MPESA.

The impact of MPESA in Kenya

To fully comprehend this phenomenon, one should know that Kenya has a population of over 48.2 million, Mobile phone subscribers are 39.7 million and people who use mobile payments 26.3 million.

Mpesa covers up to 85% of how money moves within the economy of Kenya. If you do not have an Mpesa account then it becomes difficult to carry out transactions with people across the vast East African country.

Businesses should take the above into careful consideration when stationing in Kenya – Mpesa and people of Kenya are one, breaking that bond is a battle one loses even before they begin.

It is advisable for businesses to go by MPESA and all their allies ; most notably Dusupay which has helped businesses benefit from MPESA across Kenya.

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