Africa was a continent once known for conflict of all kinds ; marred by political turmoil, social and cultural conflict and economic turbulence ; a situation that made potential business investors desist from extending business ventures to Africa due to the unpredictable state of events, something that is highly unfavorable for the success of business.

Time flies and with it change occurs, 15 years down the road and many conflicts of the sort are pretty much eradicated from Africa save for a few areas still in war – nonetheless, 90 % of the continent has embraced peace and the perks that come along with it. The political climate might not be as smooth sailing as it should be but the environment is now more predictable and reliable to trigger other aspects of development to carry on.

With the storm finally finding its calm, it was time for the economies in Africa to grow – Africa needed to catch up with the rest of the world production wise, in currency and ensure economic co-operation among the various member nations.

Countries invested more time in becoming fully aware of their strengths and weaknesses economically which led to intensified trade as the next step in order to propel Africa’s growth even further so as to fill the gap of the earlier mentioned weaknesses. More businesses started extending to the continent having realized the massive potential of this untapped market.

Having established themselves in the various economies, businesses started liaising and transacting with the locals – one of the key aspects that needed mitigation was how payments were to be received for services rendered by these businesses.

With time, Africa took on the mobile phone era thus the birth of mobile money and ever since this has been largely adopted as the core of transactions in regards to money movement – the challenge though is that almost each African country has different telecom companies that control mobile money and this diversity made money movement more strenuous due to the different mobile payment alternatives.

A solution was sorely needed to curb the dilemma ; a number of remedies surfaced but most of them were either very costly or involved long inconveniencing procedures – this was until the introduction of Dusupay, an online platform that helps businesses effectively handle their money movement across Africa ; a business can now receive money from across the continent through this one platform that collects from all the various pay systems in Africa and then avails it to the receiving business all at once at their disposal on a suitable payment mode they want.

African business continues to grow in the post – conflict era.

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