Africa is the next frontier for Businesses. More and more businesses are rushing to dominate the largest market share on the continent. The need to pay out API to Africa is rapidly increasing. We see businesses ranging from money remittance, betting (Gaming) to businesses with reseller programs now rapidly expanding to Africa.

Such services need reliable infrastructure to enable seemless pay outs to multiple countries through one single API. DusuPay built a product code named DusuPay Octopus that helps businesses of all types pay out to Multiple African countries through a single API.

With Octopus Your business can pay out to the largest African economies to both Banks and Mobile money wallets instantly

Why more businesses are relying on DusuPay’s Platform and API’s

  1. Instant Pay outs to both Banks and Mobile money wallets
  2. Advance Automation through out Bank and Mobile Pay outs API’s
  3. Cheap per transaction costs from as low as $0.3 per transaction

Types of Businesses that can use DusuPay Octopus

  1. Money Remittance companies
  2. Crypto Currency companies
  3. Reseller companies
  4. App with pay out functionality eg Taxify or Uber that need to pay out drivers
  5. Banks
  6. Payment Service providers
  7. Gaming and Betting companies

Full list of countries, Pay out modes and Currencies that can be paid out to with DusuPay

Here is the full list of countries the DusuPay platform currently pays out to and the mode of delivery of funds

  1. Nigeria. All payments are done to Bank accounts and funds are delivered to bank accounts instantly. Advisable maximum per transaction is 750,000 Naira. Market share 100%
  2. Kenya. Mode of delivery is Mobile money Safaricom MPESA. Pay outs are instant. maximum deposit per transaction is 70,000 KES
  3. Cameroon. Mode of delivery, Mobile money. Available mobile money wallets MTN mobile money is live and Orange money is going live on 15th June 2017
  4. Rwanda. Mode of delivery, mobile money. MTN mobile money
  5. Uganda. Mode of delivery Mobile money. Available for MTN mobile money and airtel money. Maximum limit is 5,000,000 UGX for Airtel and 4,000,000 Ugx for Mtn. All pay outs are instant
  6. Ghana. Active mobile money wallets are Airtel, MTN and Tigo. Market  Share 100%
  7. Tanzania: Pay outs are done to Mobile money wallets. Available wallets are Tigo PESA, Vodafone MPESA and Airtel money. All pay outs are instant
  8. South Africa: All Banks
  9. More info here