“The promotion of a cash-lite economy is a collective responsibility of all stakeholders involved in the development of the payments eco-system. This will require appropriate policies that promote investment and innovation as well as smart plans from both the private and public sectors. These, together with technical and financial support from development partners will unleash the full potential of this country to enhance its overall development.”.  – Mr. Millison Narh, Deputy Governor, Bank of Ghana

 Ghana is moving steadily towards a full cash-less economy, this autonomous system will enable people to transact within and outside Ghana conveniently as people will need not worry about having the baggage of large wads of money.

How Ghana is tackling the payment system to suit its people better

 From the MICR cheques of 1997, Ghana’s payment scheme has had a significant advancement. Currently, mobile money runs the economy’s way of receiving and paying out and the changing times have further pushed Ghana to adjusting to more online financial alternatives.

What you should know about Ghana’s mobile money statistics as of 2015 

  • Total number of mobile phone subscribers (Cumulative)       35,008,387
  • Registered mobile money customers (Cumulative)               120,367 83.05
  • Active mobile money customers                                            4,868,569
  • Registered Agents (Cumulative).                                           79,747
  • Active Agents.                                                                        56,270
  • Total volume of mobile money transactions                           266,246,537
  • Total value of mobile money transactions                              35,444.38
  • Balance on Float                                                                    547.96
  • Average Volume of transactions per day.                              729,442.57

Note :

Mobile money transactions in Ghana have reached a total of 679.17 million Ghana Cedis which is a 20% growth for the mid-year figure as compared to the 547.96 million Ghana Cedis recorded for the end of 2015

The above shows the impact that mobile money has had on people in Ghana and the amounts it moves that continue to increase yearly.

The dominant forces in Ghana’s mobile money industry

MTN Mobile money Ghana

 Airtel money Ghana



 In an economy of 29 million people, one would wonder how the three distinctive players in the mobile money industry are able to comfortably liaise with one another and with payment systems abroad despite the telecommunication boundaries.

Here is how ; With Dusupay, customers and businesses make payments and receive money using the various Dusupay integrations giving them the ability to transact with different clients across different payment platforms leaving Dusupay to handle the bridge between them therefore ensuring smooth money movement in Ghana.



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