The diversity of payments in Africa has increased almost double the original number – card payments supported by banks account for less than 2% of payments in Sub Saharan Africa whereas mobile money on the other hand is taking Africa by storm accounting for well over 50% of transactions in the Sub Saharan region.

Every country with telecommunication companies has mobile money as its dominant pay system except nations such as Nigeria and South Africa that have tight restrictions from authorities.

However it is still important to note that the mobile payment system covers 85% of African nations therefore positioning your business to accept payments through mobile services is highly advisable.

As a business owner, it is necessary to partner with a platform that helps you tap into the local modes of payment of your target region. It is quite challenging for companies hoping to be situated in more than one country because Africa has various different mobile money payment modes that make it hard to incorporate with all at a go.

Dusupay embeds local payment modes in over 10 African countries making it possible to seamlessly accept payments from all over the continent at once.

This implies that any people and businesses in Cameroon transacting in other African countries need not stress with all the payment modes in Africa but rather incorporate with Dusupay and observe the simplicity they provide as regards payments all across Africa while saving on costs and time

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