Africa has enormous potential for growth in the telecommunications industry especially since the industry is not even half the heights it is capable of reaching. One of the fastest growing areas in the telecoms industry is mobile money, a service that enables mobile phone users to send and receive money anywhere by facilitating transactions through their mobile phones. This is important particularly in the ever growing state that is Rwanda.

Rwanda’s banking industry is also growing at a fair rate, providing the much needed financial services that were sorely missed and sought after for a number of years. Though not vastly spread to cater for those in the most rural of areas or those not in the urban cities such as Kigali, this has brought a bias of the general community in Rwanda towards MTN mobile money which has taken total dominion of despite a few competitors.

Dusupay connecting Rwanda’s MTN mobile money with other money movement avenues in Rwanda

People and businesses in Rwanda are fortunate enough to have an avenue to connect those that use banks with those that use mobile money particularly MTN mobile money which is the biggest player in the economy.

Dusupay provides a platform on which a variety of payment options can be chosen when sending out and receiving money. This means that users in Rwanda and beyond can send money across different payment systems with the assistance that Dusupay gives as it handles the nitty gritty of the money movement.

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