75 percent of Kenya’s population is under 30 years of age. Of these, the youth (15 – 30 years) number up to 12 million people and account for approximately 35% of the population projection.

One might wonder how this is relevant – well, betting companies would be interested in knowing  that Kenya has the highest number of betting customers in Sub Saharan Africa.

More than half of Kenya’s youth have and continue to engage in betting, standing at a lofty 76 percent, followed by Uganda with 57 percent and Ghana with 42 percent. Research also shows that Kenyans are the highest spenders in this regard with the average youth betting at least once a week ; spending an average of KSHS 5000 (50$) monthly.

The above shows the influence that betting has on the youth in this East African region, however it is important to note that the above is an inside view on the youth but isn’t all that Kenya has to offer ; with those above 30 years also being at the bulk of the betting trend in Kenya.

My deduction being ; when you consider the jaw dropping numbers of the youth and the rest of what Kenya’s population of 48.46 million people has to offer, Kenya is an undoubted betting gold mine “if rubbed the right way”

Payments in Kenya and how international betting companies go about their businesses has been greatly simplified because of two factors : DUSUPAY and MPESA. Kenya’s economy has been revolutionized by the impact of Mpesa and how money movement has become instantaneous countrywide.

Betting companies, most of whom are of foreign origin such as Hollywoodbets which has a massive share in the Kenyan sphere, DUSUPAY has been their go to solution on how to effectively receive payments from Kenya.

With DUSUPAY, Hollywoodbets can focus on spreading throughout the country as the earlier mentioned handles it’s movement of money from Mpesa and receives it at the convenience of their accustomed pay systems.

In turn, Hollywoodbets uses the convenience of DUSUPAY to pay out to all winning clients that have transacted with them.

Call it , “a win – win”  for everyone.

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