Kenya is one of Africa’s gems when it comes to businesses that thrive using online payments platforms. The vast population of this East African nation provides for an extensive market that attracts more and more businesses into the country regardless of what business they deal in.

Kenya has been found to be one of Africa’s most enticing destinations for newly venturing betting companies. This is due to the fact that majority of the population is in the age group that has interest in sports and gambling, and earn a considerable amount to support the lifestyle.

Secondly, the people in Kenya have steadily embraced technological innovations that have boosted the widespread growth of the betting business in Kenya.The fact that more than half the people own at least one mobile phone.

When betting businesses were asked what the best way to accept payments in the Kenyan market was, the unanimous response was through the use of Kenya’s mobile money platform MPESA as the most viable alternative for accepting payments placed on bets.

Most betting businesses coming into Kenya aren’t familiar with MPESA because they simply aren’t accustomed to mobile money which is not functional where they come from.

Betting businesses in Kenya have chosen to use Dusupay – an online aide to payment platforms across Africa. With Dusupay, betting companies are given the power to accept payments from Kenya on their normally used payment systems while their clients on ground pay at the convenience of their MPESA accounts.

Dusupay plays the link role, collecting funds from the betting clients in Kenya and availing the money to the business on a payment mode comfortable for them.

Betting businesses get to save costs on avoiding the expenses of creating many stalls across the vastly spread Kenya and also avoid costs of incorporating with every local payment mode wherever they go.

Business in Kenya and Africa growing for the better with Dusupay.

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