Betting is a widespread phenomenon all across Africa, one that the continent has made its own ever since the foreign concept was brought. Africa, these days has made betting a daily custom with a lot of money being injected and paid out in this industry across most if not all countries in Africa.

Rwanda is no stranger to the habit of betting with the likes of Sports4Africa, Lucky Bets and Worldstar Bets as major players in this young betting market. Luring all kinds of people into this get cash quick scheme that has become a secondary income source to many and a primary job for some.

Betting companies in Rwanda have chosen to incorporate directly with Dusupay instead of the challenge of reaching out to every mobile money payment mode and bank service in Rwanda because with Dusupay, all the mentioned are brought to the betting company under one simple platform.

What is in store for betting companies ?

Your betting business can instantly collect funds from clients and pay out to to the same mobile money accounts without having to set up branches across Africa.

Why Dusupay makes sense for betting companies expanding operations to Africa and particularly Rwanda :-

  1. It saves them the cost of having to set up multiple branches across the country. With one integration, the  business can accept payments from your clients all through Rwanda and Africa.
  2. Instant pay outs. With Dusupay, customers don’t have to wait 3-5 days for their pay outs. All pay outs whether to bank or mobile money wallets are instant. This increases the customer usage and retention.
  3. Cheaper cost. the per transaction cost in most cases doesn’t exceed $0.5 in some countries

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