Betting is such a hit in Africa because of the people’s love for sports, particularly the youth across Africa. Betting over which sports team might win has become a multi-million dollar industry. An assessment depicts that by 2022, the African betting market will have spread to impact more than half of the population of each African country.

Betting as a way of life

In Africa, countries like Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa are witnessing huge expansions in betting with many foreign companies targeting the sports hungry populations that have now taken to earning from their passions through placing bets from which they reap when they guess right. So much that it has become a lifestyle with people not going a day without placing their bets.

Despite that many betting companies have set up physical stalls across the major the cities, the  people have prefered to pay online on their betting accounts because of convenience – those that pay online get access to pay whatever time and wherever they might be with no need to move from A to B.


Betting companies realized that Africa has its ways of payment that they choose to use ; bank cards such as mastercard and Visacard are available but not popular because people opt to use mobile wallets rather than banks. This meant that betting companies with the provision to pay using mobile wallets have benefited greatly from Africa because people can pay anytime anywhere since one moves with their mobile phone wherever they go.

80% of Africa’s countries are dominated by mobile money as the most efficient form of paying out and accepting payments that has made it easier for betting companies to accept payments on bets placed.

With Dusupay (, betting companies seamlessly accept payments from all over Africa which is done through integrating all local payment modes from across the continent so that no matter where the payment is coming from, the betting company can easily accept funds coming in and pay out using Dusupay’s platform as well where need be.

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