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Sports betting has for years been an income source for a large number of Tanzanians, some more than others however. There are generally two types of betting income earners in the country ; the person that treats it as a job and the person that treats it as a side cash supplement.

Betting is not just for the young or the jobless but rather for people of all ages, professions, religions and financial status; it’s just the level of betting that differs and now, is a legal partaking that isn’t done in hiding anymore.

This booming business has been fueled by continuous advancements in technology that has evolved the betting phenomenon into embracing an online platform. People these days need not leave the comfort of their homes to place bets, pay fees and receive their winnings.

How online betting works in Tanzania;
Tanzania has over 30 betting companies spread throughout the economy, and in a nation predominantly controlled by mobile money, most of these betting sites have now customized their payment settings to suit mobile money.

Tanzania majorly uses the following mobile money services ;

  •  VodacomMpesa controlling 42% of the economy
  •  Tigomoney with 31%
  •  Airtelmoney having 24%
  •  ZantelEzy pesa with 3%

The above is data collected as of 2016.

Betting companies coming into the economy will have to understand that mobile money is the way to go in Tanzania but there are different mobile money services in the economy.

A business aiming at being the dominant betting guru in Tanzania will ask itself  –

“How best can a company attract more than 70% of the betting market that is otherwise spread out on the different payment systems in the country? ”

Your answer:-
Dusupay builds a platform that provides the opportunity for betting companies venturing in Tanzania to reach a wider audience irrespective of payment system differences.

Dusupay works with the major pay systems and enables betting companies to receive their payments using one platform that collects for them from the different payment systems used by their clients.

It also allows the betting company to pay out winnings to clients through their(Dusupay) platform to the variety of pay modes thus conveniently reaching the customers.

Dusupay enables betting companies to liaise with clients in Tanzania easily at reduced operational costs.

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