Accepting payments in Africa hasn’t always been as smooth as it is today. Provided one knows the required procedures to follow, transactions across the continent are easy and better still, cost reduced.

The trick for businesses is being strategic in selecting how they choose to pay out and receive payments. The biggest worry of up to 50% of companies that want to expand all over Africa is the difference in payment systems and their regulation inconsistencies in every country.

Rwanda is no different to this trend, with mobile money being a dominant payment system in the economy, businesses from the rest of Africa are left pondering on how to go about the different payment options.

MTN mobile money Rwanda, Tigo money and Airtel money Rwanda are the mostly used options in the country. So for businesses that are targeting the Rwandan market, the focus would be on bridging the gap with the above mentioned pay modes.

Basically, businesses need not directly work with all the payment options when they can work with Dusupay that connects businesses to the payment methods available therefore saving the businesses time and costs when transacting in Rwanda.

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