Dignited tells the story of the best payment gateway in Africa

By February 19, 2019Stories

 In any kind of business, one of the measures that shows whether your company is impacting society is when your work gets acknowledged and the services you render are recognized. Connecting businesses across Africa and on a global scale has always been the DusuPay dream.


The ability to move money from one business in a different region in Africa to another is now possible whether these two parties in transaction are on different payment platforms. This convenience has extended further towards global businesses venturing into the continent and looking for the best way to make and collect payments across multiple countries – with DusuPay allowing these collections to be done through a single API.

DIGNITED – had something to say about DusuPay; profiling the company’s steps to creating a convenient experience for the businesses and their clients who intend to move money online.

Here is a glimpse into their review ;

” when you want to make an online payment, you either have to use PayPal or one of the several debit cards. But when you want to pay for a local product back home, you may have to use mobile money or cold hard cash – for business people who want to transact with China. They have to go through tedious bank wire procedures. And in all of these processes, there are irrational decisions made, loss of time and money.”

“DusuPay  – wants to be the gateway for payments both online and offline, linking merchants, retailers and customers to major payments’ processors — all in a single click.”

Read the full DusuPay Profile review courtesy of Dignited – HERE