Africa’s fastest growing online payment aide is now live in South Africa. A brand made for African businesses by Africans is here to serve the payment needs of South Africa – businesses across the continent need to know that succeeding in Africa starts with understanding what Africa is all about.

Dusupay has taken time to understand and embed in their services the payment needs of Africa and continue to strongly advise businesses that when they are dealing with the continent, it makes better business sense to adopt the normally used payment styles rather than resort to alienation with unfamiliar payment modes.

Narrowing it down to South Africa specifically, the economy’s money movement and payments are marshalled by the banking sector – with an ever growing technological scope, online banking has become the real deal in how businesses transact with relevant stakeholders.

The major players that control South Africa’s online banking system are Standard bank, Nedbank, FNB, ABSA  and Capitec bank all of whom diligently meet business online needs on a daily basis enabling companies to conveniently and swiftly move their funds and collect them as well.

Businesses in South Africa have resorted to Dusupay as their go to platform when accepting payments and paying out in South Africa.

 WHY – Having Dusupay on one’s online business platform enables the business to easily access all online banking platforms in South Africa under one platform i.e the above mentioned banks.

This saves time and attracts more business from clients who are drawn to the fact that payments are made seamlessly irrespective of online banking platform with credit to Dusupay.

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