DusuPay Now supports CSV uploads for bulk pay outs through the sub account

By March 20, 2018Updates

It is now possible to make bulk pay outs to all the countries we are live in through CSV uploads. This means that directly on the dusupay dashboard, you can make up to 500 pay outs instantly powered by the DusuPay infrastructure.

How does this help.

  • This means you can make multiple pay outs even when you dont have the API integated to your website
  • It is a time saver. Up to 500 pay outs can be made out with each upload.
  • Instant pay outs to Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa, Cameroon, Rwanda, Tanzania and Ghana

How it works:

  1. Merchant will create a CSV file and upload in from the Batch Payout tab under the SubAccounts link

2. maximum number of entries allowed is 500

3. Sample data is shown where the upload form is.