Based on the current rate of access to mobile phones, the Tanzanian market shows potential for further m-money adoption. Sixty-three percent of surveyed households have access to a mobile phone. Fifty-six percent of households own at least one active SIM card which is required for opening an m-money account. Even among rural, unbanked and poor households (those living on less than $2 a day), about one-half of households have access to a mobile phone and own a SIM card. One of the transactions m-money users can perform using their own or an agent’s account to “cash-in” (i.e., put money in the account). Sometimes, when using an agent’s account, m-money customers are required to prepay an informal “deposit fee” in addition to the money they are sending via m-money and the fees they pay for using the service.

As  we all know that world of finance evolves on  international trade which has not yet taken dominance  in Tanzania despite the lucrativeness of the market due to some  inconveniences  in the process  of  accepting payment from the customers but propitiously DUSUPAY is here to help with all your moneys coming from Tanzania through its  integration  with mobile money providers which  is the most convenient pay tanzanians prefer to trade basing on the statistics below showing  the level of penetration of mobile  money in Tanzania

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