In times when demand for relevant products and services has taken a significant rise, it is upon businesses to find ways to match this thirst for service provision. Africa has witnessed significant improvement in various sectors of its economy which serve the constantly growing market that is the Africa.

Among the main aspects of determining how to effectively handle demand is ensuring the modes of payment for the market are convenient and fast enough to handle the bulk of the  consumer that continues to grow.

Initially, all businesses had to do was set up a location and wait for customers to come and pay with hard cash but with changing times, businesses have grown beyond the normal realm of expectation. Demand comes from far and wide geographically but requires the same service provision levels regardless of distance.

South African businesses have adopted online banking from the country’s top banks in the economy i.e FNB, Capitec bank, Nedbank, ABSA and Standard bank. Businesses now engage with clients online from where they can accept payments for services rendered and products sold.

Businesses that intend to penetrate into the South African market need to pay attention to the fact that online banking is the way to go and for those that want reach customers on all five banks are advised to use Dusupay – an online platform that enables the business to receive all payments on one payment mode as Dusupay collects from the banks and delivers to them.

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