Today, if you don’t find the quickest and easiest way to integrate and mainstream your offerings, you’re almost irrelevant.Tanzania is one of the world leaders in mobile money transfers (mobile phone-based money transfer), with 44% of adults having access to it and a total of 16m subscribers

Mobile money, also referred to as M-Pesa, was first introduced in Tanzania in 2008. Since then, over 40m mobile money accounts have been registered making 95m mobile money transactions per month in total, transacting an average of USD 1.6b per month


Given that only a small minority of the Tanzanian population has access to formal banking services, the consumer’s unimpaired ability to use mobile money services rather than being required to travel long distances to bank branches to make transactions in person reduces transaction costs and increases the efficiency of the economy.

Below  are some of the mobile money providers and their market share.

With the tremendous growth that is being exhibited by mobile money in Tanzania calls for international businesses to  be more careful when diving into the lucrative market as the right and most convenient mode of accepting and paying out should be adopted and for this case mobile money is the most appropriate however this comes with a  challenge as different people embrace different mobile money provider,luckily DUSUPAY has integrated  with most of the big names in the business of mobile money that’s to say;vodafone Mpesa, Tigo Pesa, Airtel Moneywho are the biggest market share holders in the markets so just one integration with DUSUPAY means integration with all the big names in mobile money in Tanzania

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