Rwanda and Tanzania are both members of the East African community, and with this geographical pact comes some perks some of which are social and economic benefits for member countries. Business is one of the core aspects as to why the two countries chose to join the EAC since they needed an avenue to facilitate smooth trading across borders.

The door to cross border transactions has been largely embraced but despite all the advancements in this Rwanda-Tanzania trade, businesses have faced a challenge over the years of contradicting payment systems in these neighbouring countries.

Whereas Rwanda uses MTN mobile money, Tanzania’s economy is hugely reliant on Vodacom m-pesa as a form of receiving and paying out. The initial challenge was failure to find compatibility between the two nations and how to effectively payout for businesses transacting across borders.

The situation was at first not possible but with time a probability came into play despite high charges on paying and receiving money which was tedious as well to execute therefore lacking the convenience that would normally attract and interest cross border businesses.

Dusupay live in both Tanzania and Rwanda

Having gone live in both countries, Dusupay has revolutionised the way businesses pay out and how they receive money from Tanzania to Rwanda and vice versa.

Now businesses can simply transact with those in other countries at the convenience of their normally accustomed pay systems as Dusupay links the various pay options therefore businesses :-

  • Need not worry about how they shall pay out and receive payments.
  • Rest assured there will be quick money delivery to destinations across borders.
  • Avoid the costs and expenses that would have been involved in joining a different. payment system.

All courtesy of Dusupay limited.

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