Africa is known to be one of the world’s leading destinations when it comes to tours and travel; from scenery to wildlife to the culture – Africa tops the list. Tourists plan a lot for how they intend to move and it is important to book in advance where to tour and what accommodation to use.


Payments for these services can be tricky if one isn’t well informed, Africa largely uses mobile wallets across the continent with local banks and cards often not being similar to those used outside Africa. Carrying large chunks of cash can also be quite risky and inconveniencing.


Tourists are given a solution to remedy this conundrum  

DusuPay – a platform built to process payments across Africa for multi million dollar companies across different payment platforms can do the same for your tourism business and for your hotel, motel or lodge.


Giving your business the flexibility of enabling tourists to pay through their convenient means to your payment mode hence making it easy for all parties involved.

This can be the competitive advantage your business requires to win over clients in what is a jungle of tour options this holiday season.


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