How e-commerce platforms fully utilize the ever demanding Kenyan market

By December 12, 2017News, Updates

The scope of e-commerce is connecting businesses globally, all products and services are sold across the world without having to leave one’s own country or station of work.

In Kenya, people are now turning to buying almost everything online ; ranging from lifestyle  accessories, electronic equipment, beauty products and even household  items – online shopping websites are the “in thing” for Kenya’s ever demanding market.

E-commerce has become Kenya’s business tool to reach out globally and the reverse being true for businesses from the UK or across Africa when marketing their merchandise in Kenya too.

The scope of e-commerce in Kenya and how payments work

Whether it is Kenya or any other country, online shopping platforms and online business websites need to understand the payment systems of that area in which they choose to target.

Africa has quite a number of payment modes suiting the people depending on geographical location, most of these payment systems are controlled by the mobile service providers in the country that birthed mobile money.

Kenya’s main payment alternative is Mpesa that is used by more than 75% of people in the land – not even banks in Kenya can match this statistic.

Therefore online shopping brands and businesses with an online trading presence would have to appeal to the Kenyan market through Mpesa. This can be done using Dusupay which helps online platforms collect money from people in Kenya for purchases made using Mpesa who are Dusupay’s business allies.

Dusupay then avails the money to the online platform on the payment mode they are using therefore ensuring that e-commerce is less costly and less time consuming in Kenya.