Nigeria is one of Africa’s busiest nations when it comes to the aspect of business The type of influence that Nigeria commands when engaging in a certain type of business is hard to ignore for any company with an eye for profit.

Nigeria has an active population of 186 million people that command an economy running a GDP of 493 billion dollars in a country that largely deals in cross border business – a feat that means there is a lot of forex trading going on for businesses and individuals as well.

Forex trading is done differently in Nigeria than it is in the western world, many companies have failed to grasp the dynamics of how payments work with the people of Nigeria when it comes to forex trading. Companies tend to force the agenda that Nigerians should pay using western payment arrangements that locals aren’t conversant with.

Companies need to know that Nigeria has its own ways they choose to pay, following their own banks and cards such as Mastercard, Verve and VisaCard that work well with locally accepted banks.

Therefore businesses dealing in forex trade in Nigeria and those hoping to venture should be aware that trading can best be best implemented if they let people buy and sell forex using Nigeria’s styles of pay.

How then can forex trading companies new to Nigeria and its payments work with the people

DusuPay allows forex companies to trade with Nigeria’s people easily with each side transacting using pay modes they are accustomed to while letting DusuPay be the link to effect the transaction. Forex trading in Nigeria couldn’t get any easier.

DusuPay integrates multiple local payment modes allowing trade to happen regardless of the local payment service – this allows clients to pay and get paid with ease. Companies like Tick Mill have greatly benefited from how DusuPay makes it easy.

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