How global businesses can accept and make mobile money and Bank payments to and from Cameroon

By October 14, 2017October 25th, 2017Updates

Business continues to evolve just as much as other aspects of the world do. In modern times,the payment ecosystem has evolved into a fully blown structure. Businesses globally have taken different roads as different parts of the world have adopted different payment systems such as Mobile money, Credit/debit cards and online Banking.

Africa has rapidly caught up on some of these payment modes to further smoothen the facilitation of global business transactions. Some might be different to those used by the rest of the world but nonetheless they get the job done most of the times. Whereas Europe and the Americas have chosen the card system, Africa and in particular Cameroon has leaned towards mobile money. Cameroon’s business sphere has been dominated by MTN and Orange money as a means of secure money movement.

In today’s world, business is beyond geographical boundaries and companies outside Africa will be pondering on how to penetrate this raw Cameroon commercial market without necessarily giving up their convenient modes and also making sure they don’t spook the target market in Cameroon that has becoming inseparable with mobile money.

DusuPay’s Value preposition

With DUSUPAY, global companies can now deal with businesses and people in Cameroon by integrating the Dusupay Application Programming Interface (API) on their websites and through that they are able to pay out to Cameroon because it provides the options of pay relevant in the country and also accept payments since their clients and associates from Cameroon can pay using Dusupay but allowing the global companies to receive the money in their naturally accustomed to pay modes.

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