How Global Businesses can accept payments from Africa

By December 26, 2017December 27th, 2017News, Updates

The global payments trend has changed. What works in one part of the world doesnt necessarily work in another. For example in the west visa and mastercard work just fine which isnt the case in China where everyone uses China Union Pay

The same applies to the Africa, its payment story is very different. Its has 54 different each of these countries each of these countries with a different locally preferred mode of payment. In many of these countries mobile money is the preferred mode of payment in many countries, Online banking and cards taking a smaller market share less than 7%.

As a business, clearly visa and mastercard wont work effectively for you when it comes to Africa. You need to tap into a payment gateway that integrates the local modes of payment from Africa to make it possible for the people on the continent to pay your business.

The issue businesses have been facing in Africa is finding a provider that integrates all local modes of payment from all over the continent. Considering how small each economy is and how many countries there are in Africa, no one has sought to venture and create infrastructure to transcend the whole of Africa until DusuPay 

DusuPay foresaw the need for global businesses to tap into Africa as a whole. The team sought to make Africa one with the world, to make it possible for any business to seemlessly accept and make any payment from or to any individual across the continent with ease.

Understanding that the best way into Africa is to go local, the team has figured out how to go local globally. Now enabling over 2000 businesses processing over 100 million GBP in 2017, have a look and see how it can help your business.