How Mobile money has boosted the Betting Industry in Africa

By January 15, 2019April 23rd, 2019News

Mobile money is arguably one of the best things to happen to Africa – for a continent where the habit of banking is growing but not at a pace that catalyses fast development, mobile money has revolutionized the handling of money, paying for products and services, and created new opportunities for merchants to sell their products.


The smart businesses have is integrated with mobile money on their platforms allowing clients to pay with the convenience of their mobile wallets.


Among the many industries / businesses that have embraced and upheld mobile money is the gaming and betting industry in Africa. It’s always key to understand your end user and betting companies such as AfricaBet, 1Xbet and BetPawa have shown that they did their research well.


Providing the option to place bets and collect winnings through mobile money has been the best revelation for the betting industry in Africa, accelerating business to more than two fold of what it used to be.


Back then, it was simply the use of physical betting stalls and online banking cards that didn’t really sit right with majority of the client base that betting in Africa targeted. With that in mind, changes were made and the industry now can’t be rivaled in the amount of money moving through its systems on a daily basis.

What spurred the phenomenon even more is the rapid growth of internet penetration per country. Smart devices have ensured that everything is accomplished with simply a few clicks. Consumers now have easy access to online sports betting services even in remote areas. Countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Cameroon and Tanzania are seeing a huge expansion in sports betting and other forms of gambling.

Betting in numbers
The combined size of the gambling industry in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa is projected to be worth $37 billion in 2018. In Kenya alone, a 2017 study found that an estimated two million individuals engage in mobile-based sports betting on a daily basis.

How betting companies have maneuvered

Much as mobile money has been booming among the African nations in conjunction with betting companies. Those companies that are operational in multiple countries will tell you of the difference in mobile money service providers for each border you cross.


Therefore, there was need to find a system that allows a business enable all its clients transact online, availing them with all mobile money wallets regardless of what country they are in.


With DusuPay, this became reality – providing betting businesses with a platform that allows them access all the mobile money options across the various betting hungry nations of Africa which their clients use to place bets from whatever corner of the continent they are.


Betting companies no longer need to go through the hustle of incorporating with every mobile wallet locally since this is already done for them by DusuPay and all they have to do is SIGN UP AND CREATE A MERCHANT ACCOUNT.