Tanzania is among the countries that receive a lot of remittances from the diaspora; with a reliable number of remittance businesses serving its economy, the country has received millions in this regard.

Simple things that remittance businesses ought to know

  • Tanzania’s locals rely a lot on mobile wallets to move money across the country.


  • Despite the availability of banks, mobile wallets remain the popular payment system in the land. ( Tigo Pesa, Airtel money and Vodacom Pesa ) – over 65% subscribe to mobile money

NB – Remittance businesses are advised to tailor their services to enable locals to receive money on their mobile wallets so as to ensure that they command the largest share of the market due to convenience.

How best can remittance companies tap into mobile wallets in Tanzania

With DusuPay, remittance companies have the ability to reach majority of Tanzania’s locals. The remittance business has the advantage of sending the funds direct to the recipient’s mobile wallet.

Convenience is key

The plus for remittance companies

  • Remittance companies do not need have physical stalls.
  • Avoid time lag in between when the money is sent and delivered..
  • More demand for their services due to the fact that people love convenience.
  • Reduced costs of delivery

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