South Africa is one of Africa’s busiest countries in terms of traffic that goes towards sports and all its related factors. From the hugely popular local leagues to the famous Springboks and Proteas; the people of South Africa follow their sports with utmost loyalty.

On top of keeping tabs on local and international sports, the people are also actively involved in the sports betting phenomenon where majority especially the youth indulge in placing bets on various sports in a bid to gather winnings from something they love to follow.

About 75% of South Africa’s citizens aged 20 to 38 years bet on a daily basis spending between one to twenty dollars a day on average.

The most popular betting sites in South Africa happen to be 1xbet, Betvictor, Betway, Sportingbet just to mention and they all possess credible and legitimate online platforms that most of their clients use to place bets rather than having to walk to betting stalls which is a thing of the past.


How do the big betting brands accept payments in South Africa

South Africa has a number of banks that facilitate online payments for services rendered, global betting companies coming into the country would spend a lot more time integrating with all the banks which is valuable time lost for the business.

Best alternative – Big brands such as 1xbet are now using DusuPay which allows the business to collect online payments from the people.

DusuPay is already integrated with the top banks in the land therefore a lot of time is saved for betting companies, safety of your money and you have access to more than one bank’s online platforms.

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