Forex trading in Africa is one of many online phenomena that have interested Africans to be a part of the craze. The concept of exchanging one currency for another on the FOREX market with a high possibility of earning big has captured the attention of many people on the continent.


How people are making money from Forex trading

It’s a game of chances for those indulging, using the currency you have at your disposal to buy another currency in anticipation that the exchange sell rate will go up, giving the forex trader an opportunity to sell their current currency back for the previous at a higher rate making a profit in the process.

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How people in Africa choose to make payments for Forex trading

Africa and the western World differ significantly in regards to how either likes to pay and accept payments especially when it comes to trading currencies. Forex trading companies that venture to Africa assume that what works outside Africa must work in Africa too which is a wrong form of assessment altogether.


Payments in Africa are dominated by mobile wallets that have monopolized the market so much that even banks have a provision of syncing your mobile wallet to your bank account.


How global Forex businesses can connect with mobile wallets among the African countries

DusuPay integrates multiple local mobile wallets on a single platform from all over Africa allowing payments to be made uniformly, enabling clients to easily pay and get paid.


Forex Companies are advised to work with DusuPay which gives them a wider scope to serve their clients without having to change from what they know as a custom form of payment.

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