The question on every business owner’s mind is how can my business move money across Africa to my clients and affiliate businesses.

We can go around in circles explaining the dynamics of the entire payment scope in Africa but one thing is for sure; businesses need a platform that is time efficient, costs less, secure and provides convenience all the way.

Africa has quite a number of platforms that push money across the various economies working through several avenues. The stand out ways of transferring funds is through banks and mobile Wallets. If your business is targeting the ordinary person then mobile money is a “no brainer” for what you intend to set up.

Mobile money is divided into segments depending on region and authority’s legislations. This can take forever to set up if you go country by country.

A little money transfer advice for your business

The DusuPay platform allows you to skip all those huddles; send money across Africa whether to banks or mobile Wallets using a single payment API. The reverse is true as well – have people send your business money from whatever payment mode they use and receive all that on your preferred platform.

Payments to Africa are now seamless for businesses that intend to move money across the continent. The perks are that you still get convenience, cut sending costs, have security for your money and deal in the least time possible.

How about that for hitting a couple of birds with one stone.

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