The outlook on business has changed immensely ever since the coming of the internet. Transactions are done in a whole different way nowadays as the global village enables businesses to communicate and seal deals in between parties that are continents apart.

Looking at Cameroon in particular, the major form of money movement across the country is through mobile money – MTN is the leading mobile operator in Cameroon facilitating mobile money services.


So how does a business that aims to move money in Cameroon get to tap into the popular mobile money ?

DusuPay enables businesses in Cameroon accept payments from various economies. With DusuPay, your business has the ability to utilise other mobile wallets in Africa while allowing global brands to maintain their card payments.

This is available on Dusupay – the ability to handle all online payments in Cameroon by sending money across borders while breaking the mobile wallet and bank barriers.

Reuben Kihumuro

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