Businesses often wonder what is the best way to make payouts when it comes to Africa. Depending on the market in question, effective research has to be done. One thing is for sure, mobile money is the most popular way to move money when it comes to Africa.

Over 80% of people in Africa have active mobile money accounts therefore businesses looking to effect payouts to Africa need to know that mobile money is a better way to payout than banks, which can only be used in special instances.

This is how you can use mobile money to best suit payments for your business ;

  1. Using the API: Simply integrate the Dusupay mobile money pay Outs API available on Dusupay Document – Merchant API Document
  2. Using your merchant account for manual payouts – To get a merchant account, sign up here :


You will be able to use your merchant account balance to pay out to mobile money wallets in Cameroon, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda Ghana and more.

This is Ideal for businesses that pay out to Africa. – Get More Assistance Here


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