Tourists coming from outside the continent find it more appropriate to make payments and book with their cards prior to the trip to avoid moving with too much cash.

It is a brilliant idea although often hindered by the fact that Africa’s accommodation facilities and tour sites normally accommodate the local payment modes which aren’t necessarily used by visiting tourists.

Businesses need to make their clients payment methods a paramount factor. It encourages more frequent visits but attracts new tourists as well when the payment modes are convenient. THEREFORE  :-

How can Tours, Travels and accommodation companies accept payments more conveniently in Africa

Let a platform that million dollar companies trust to process their payments in Africa do the same and take care of your businesses’ payments .

Tour businesses, resorts, hotels, lodges and the like should incorporate with Dusupay which enables them to allow their customers to have a host of payment modes that they can  choose from to make payments to your business.

Dusupay extends its knowledge of African payment dynamics to simplify transactions in the tour, travel and accommodation business.


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