What Global Businesses Need to know when accepting payments from Kenya

By October 14, 2017October 25th, 2017Updates

Did you know that 50% of the Kenyan online shoppers would cancel their purchase if their preferred method of payment wasn’t available? The checkout can make or break your customer’s ecommerce experience, it’s important to choose the best payment gateway possible As Kenyan businesses embrace the internet, online sales are set to grow rapidly, and with them, online payments. In this article I discuss the main option for accepting payments online offered by DUSUPAY.

To serve the local population, online businesses need to be able to accept mobile payments. Safaricom’s M-Pesa is the dominant mobile payment platform, used for 98.5% of transactions by value. Clearly MPESA is a larger payment alternative preferred by Kenya by Far. Global businesses can tap customers paying by MPESA through DusuPay.

Looking at the above statistics, M-Pesa transactions value now stands at 6.8 billion shillings a 27% growth from five years ago and, where it stood at 2.5 billion Dollars making it the best means to receive and make online payments in Kenya due to level at which the Kenyan masses have adopted to using it hence M-Pesa has become the de facto choice for both customers and businesses.However for international business to make use of the service there are lots of legal procedures and requirements that have to be met, fortunately through integration with DUSUPAY which requires less legal procedures and requirements you can pay and receive online payments from M-Pesa wallets as DUSUPAY has already gone through the tedious venture of integrating with M-Pesa on behalf of all its partners.

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