Africa’s economy is a sea of payment alternatives that are all suitable for the people depending on region, authorities and telecom/bank involvement in the community.

Many financial researchers and analysts have all concurred that “Africa is now ripe” and it is the right time for global businesses to venture and invest in the continent. It presents an opportunity to exploit the largely untapped markets that yearn for global products in the various industries.

Facts about Africa

Africa is turning towards online payments for all its businesses and services – recently upgraded innovations and technology have rendered the use of hard cash as a very unnecessary feat. All businesses now have an option for their clients to make payments online.

The continent is predominantly controlled by mobile money which is used in majority of the land, the fact that almost 85% of adults in Africa own a mobile phone makes it the convenient way to send and receive money.

Banks are a big deal too in several countries such as Nigeria and South Africa which do not accommodate mobile wallets; in these countries, online bank payments are the go to mode for business transactions.

Payment gateways

Africa is accommodating over 5 million new businesses every year which are all in search of a payment gateway that can give them the upper hand and convenient payment methods for their clients.

Whereas there are very many payment gateways facilitating the land, businesses are tipped to use DusuPay.

Why DusuPay

  1. The fact that global businesses can transact with the people in their respective countries without having to set up physical stalls.
  2. Access to banks and mobile wallets in the most booming of Africa’s economies.
  3. Assured security for your money as it moves across borders from client to business and vice versa.
  4. The ability to collect money from clients on various payment alternatives without integration to these payment modes since DusuPay is already intergrated and operating with them.

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