The number of payment gateways that operate across Africa and globally are too many to count off hand – when focusing on Africa, it is important to know the diversity of Africa and its payment modes.

Africa has a big number of payment options that businesses always find a challenge knowing which one does the job right, especially when it comes to covering the many payment options across the continent.

Dusupay understood Africa and tailored its services to suit Africa’s merchants to the letter. Africa’s payment scope is 85% dominated by mobile money and to a smaller percentage, banks.

Where many have faltered, Dusupay understood; “.…. to transact in Africa is to engage with mobile money....” which is exactly where they put the focus – not forgetting the fraction that thrives through banking such as Nigeria and South Africa.


Dusupay provides a cutting edge to all those that incorporate with it – here is how :


  1. Dusupay provides a simple, secure, efficient and fast infrastructure for processing payments globally with Africa. Financial security is paramount for businesses and Dusupay provides exactly that.
  2. Connecting Africa to the rest of the world – Dusupay not only thinks of intra continental money movement but also of the receiver expecting money from Europe, Asia, the America’s etc provided that it incorporates with the respective remittance companies.
  3. Better analytics -The platform has embarked on building a better analytics tool to help users understand better their business Data.
  4. Get paid however your clients want to pay – allowing clients of a particular business to pay through modes they are comfortable with but still allowing the business to receive using what they are accustomed to ; this helps to please the current clients and lure more due to convenience.
  5. Dusupay gives a wide variety for all – working with all types including Betting companies, Money remittance companies, Forex companies, app development companies, generally any business that needs to accept payments from Africa and pay out to modes in Africa.


In a nutshell, Dusupay provides infrastructure that global businesses use to accept and make payments online in Africa. A single Application Programming interface to rule Africa and those that liaise with it.

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