The introduction of the internet in Africa has led to a variety of innovations in the digital space with the emergence of online platforms (websites / social media sites)  for business.

Originally when people wanted to access or purchase a commodity, the only way was to move the entire distance to get in touch with the business – nowadays, everything is one click or one tap away.

Businesses in this day and era have adjusted to having online platforms for easier ways to reach their market to the extent that some even forego having physical locations which they deem unnecessary.

Payment habits of e-commerce in Africa

The digital market of Africa has been dominated by mobile wallets with more than 85% of the continent moving money this way.

Africa has many mobile wallets, different across all countries therefore e-commerce platforms would need a payment means that cuts across to facilitate the different countries.


Africa’s best payment alternative tailored for e-commerce

E-commerce businesses dealing with Africa handle their payments through DusuPay because of the variety of payment options that it provides for the clients of these businesses on top of convenience provided.

Through DusuPay, an e-commerce platform can receive payments through the many mobile wallets that African countries have and banks as well allowing a business to provide convenience for all its clients.

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