According to the World Tourism Organization, Africa’s tourism scope possesses an even brighter future than what is being exhibited at the moment. It is projected that the number of visits to Africa will be boosted to about 50 million to 130 million in the coming years – surely a great sign for businesses handling the tours and travel sector.

The fact that Africa isn’t just known for the negatives anymore is one of the biggest boosters of this tourism upgrade. With less wars, less crisis, more technological advancements and increased security, the continent is headed towards being the World’s tourism top destination.

“Tourism to the African continent has proven to be resilient in the face of economic and political uncertainty, impacts of droughts and other regulatory changes,” Calicchio said. “The opportunities are plenty for this industry to enjoy further growth albeit at a more modest

Reports show that perceptions of the countries such as Nigeria are poised for growth along with Kenya, Tanzania and the island nation of Mauritius. It is now a lot safer and easier to visit Africa due to low cost carriers and more convenient payment structures that ensure that tourism is done with ease regardless of the difference in currency and financial habits.

Kenya, one of the continent’s most well-known tourist destinations, has seen an increase in tourists from the United States and Europe, as well as people connecting from elsewhere in Africa (thanks to cheaper and more plentiful air travel options).

Changing tides of tourism
Another reason for optimism comes from the Far East. China, which is currently the biggest tourism spender in the world by a huge margin, is showing more interest in African destinations. Countries like Kenya are getting a lot of attention from Beijing and beyond, and Chinese companies are likewise investing in businesses — hospitality and otherwise — in Africa.


The fact that tours and travel businesses can get to entice tourists to make bookings from where they are is key. All it takes is simply sending money through payment platforms like DusuPay that move money beyond the different payment modes hence easier access and less bulkier movements for visitors. The tours and travel businesses are also sorted out in their quest to easy the payment module for their clients.  

It’s becoming easier for travelers to visit these different places on a longer trip instead of limiting themselves to “only a safari” or “only a desert trek.”


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