Forex trading is steadily picking up on the continent – with reduction in insecurities around Africa, the locals have turned their focus to developing aspects that are intended to elevate Africa to further heights.

The forex markets continue to grow due to increasing interest coming in from around the continent as people become more aware of the trade and how beneficial it can be – the point of how best to get Africans to pay has always evaded forex traders. The best payment alternative for Africans to take part in the trade comfortably is different from what is used in Europe and the states – something that many forex trading establishments need to learn if they are to better their liaison with Africa.

First things first, these companies should know that Africa is all about mobile money as compared to banks and cards that are used very minimally. DusuPay understands business on the continent, presenting a remedy to the conundrum.

DusuPay integrates multiple local payment modes from all over Africa Р this means that those indulging in Forex trading can now use their local modes of payment (mobile money, bank transfer or Card), the companies can easily pay and get paid through payment modes that they are familiar with. Convenience is key.

The best way to extend to Africa is by tapping into how they pay. Clearly, Africa has alternative ways of paying – It is key to tap into these varying modes of payment to cater for your Forex trading in ways best for Africa.

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