The impact of cryptocurrency on society can’t be understated. Having taken up on various technological advances, Africa is now picking interest in the new digital money craze. As the world moves further towards a cash-lite  economy, the perks of having cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, peercoin, litecoin and others can’t be ignored.

The ability to access finances with less bulk in terms of hard cash, the security it provides as regards cutting risks of theft due to its digital nature and not forgetting that this currency cuts across all borders only being influenced by the natural forces of demand and supply, are some of the aspects that draw people towards it.

The avenues for people in Africa to acquire some of this digital money are still quite a challenge – how Africans can purchase these cryptocurrencies from the likes of Bitcoin, peercoin and the rest has still proven to be a hurdle.

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Why so?

Africa predominantly uses mobile money when purchasing and transacting across trading parties whereas crypto brands (bitcoin, litecoin, peercoin etc) are more accustomed to selling their digital money through bank and card avenues that aren’t as popularly used on the continent.

How best can cryptocurrency brands sell their  digital money to Africa

Keeping in mind that these brands use different payment modes, the best alternative for them to reach Africa is through Dusupay.

Dusupay has taken time to understand the African payment scope within the continent ; knowing what ticks in Africa is key and the masses have greatly accepted mobile money for its simplicity and convenience.

How Dusupay does it

Crypto brands such as Bitcoin need not worry about incorporating with all mobile money platforms in Africa but rather through Dusupay, they can reach out to the ever growing and increasingly interested masses through which they can sell digital money to Africa.

The buyers can pay for the digital money using mobile money while Dusupay enables the crypto brands to receive their money through the payment forms they are accustomed to.

Both buyers and the seller benefit from this convenience – leaving the hustle of linking mobile money to other payments to Dusupay to serve these brands and Africa as well. Therefore enabling cryptocurrency to be traded easily on the continent.